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Snuggle Safe Dog, Cat & Small Animal Microwave Heat Pad

This uncomplicated to operate heating pad is sensational for cats and dogs who are cold due to a previous warm up event, the Microwave heating pad is non-toxic and can be set up in minutes using the included box. It comes with a therapeutic fabric cross-denture Cat bed which helps to warm up the Cat or dog, the bed is fabricated using a high-quality chocolate brownish material that is soft and smooth. The Microwave heating pad is terrific for colder days and can be used in home and office settings.

Microwave Pet Heat Pad

This new Heat pad from is excellent for dogs who are feeling sated and happy, it's made of durable materials that will never make your pet feel uncomfortable, and it's first-rate for Small animals who need a little more warmth and comfort. This pad is uncomplicated to operate and valuable for dogs who are want to feel Safe and sated, this Heat pad is excellent for dogs and cats who appreciate to Heat up! It's an one-time use only and doesn't need to be used again for about i in about 3 months. Plus, it's made of durable materials that will never hold up to operate again, this Heat pad is top-grade for dogs who are cold easily. It is fabricated of durable materials that will never make your pet feel cold even when you're in the shower, the Heat pad can be used on pets who are cold or fever and will help bring them warm. This pad also includes a remote control that can be controlled to move the Heat pad any where you want, this Snuggle Safe Heat pad is unequaled for dogs and cats who admire to Snuggle in close. The Heat pad is manufactured from soft, fluffy fabric and will help to keep them comfortable and warm.