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Thermophore Maxheat Heating Pad

The the plus is a highly efficient heating pad that is fantastic for use in battle creek, we only use the best materials and produce a high quality product that is sure to give you the energy you need to stay warm all day long. Our heating pad is manufactured with only the best ingredients and is produced to sensitive using an unique signal language that allows you to control the pad easily.

: Large 14
Fleece Moist-sure Cover Only Large/14

Thermophore Heating Pad Fleece Moist-Sure

By Thermphore MaxHEAT


Classic Deep-Heat Therapy Pack 14 x 27in , Standard - 1 Count
Battle Creek MaxHeat Heating Pad
Thermophore MaxHEAT - Medium 14

Thermophore MaxHEAT - Medium 14"

By Battle Creek Equipment


New Never Used

Thermophore Maxheat Heating Pad Ebay

The battle creek Thermophore arthritis pad is a fantastic solution for admirers with arthritis, this heating pad extends a large surface area that is designed to soothe and heat the joint. The 14 x14 size is designed to for both large and small joints, the pad is fabricated of durable materials to ensure years of use and children's skin is sated with comfort. This Thermophore arthritis pad is an exceptional solution for lovers with arthritis, it is manufactured of durable material that is heat resistant and will not cool down. The arthritis pad offers a large size that is prime for shoppers with a large number of tendons and muscles, it is further made of plastic that is durable and will not cause any problems with cracking or breaking. At thermophore, we know that you need support when you have arthritis, our heating pad is an excellent substitute to provide support and comfort for your arthritis patient. This pad is large and is available in 14 and 27 inch sizes, it is fabricated with soft, dampening materials to ensure maximum heat support. This 14 x27 inch Thermophore heating pad is produced of durable materials that are sure to meet or exceed your needs in warmth and comfort, this pad is designed with a process that results in a high heat amount that can help you feel comfortable and heat up quickly and easily with this Thermophore heating pad. This pad is produced of durable materials that are sure to meet or exceed your needs in warmth and comfort.