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Sunbeam Heating Pad Replacement Cord

This Sunbeam v heating pad Replacement Cord is a peerless surrogate for admirers with older models that are not working well, this Cord is manufactured of heavy gauge stranded wire and is set-up with a medium-sized plug jouster type connector. It's alsomicro-fiber coated for lasting use, the Cord is short and diameter is about ok. It is pack with the necessary accompanying tools to complete the job of repair or Replacement of the heating pad.

Heating Pad Replacement Cord

Sunbeam is a brand that produces some of the most popular and versatile home appliances in the world, their heating and kitchen products are no exception. One of their most popular products is the l heating pad controller, this controller is a Replacement for the old one that was used with the and ranges. The l imparts a small, red light that indicates it is going to heat up, and a large, yellow light that indicates the number of degrees celsius it presents reached, if it is not getting hot enough, the large light will turn off and the small light will become the small red light. This control can be use with either the or range, and can be used with either the Sunbeam or other controller, this Replacement Cord for the Sunbeam v heating pad is specific for that species of cat that likes to take a while to warm up. The length of this Cord iscode: 94 this Cord is manufactured of heavy gauge wire and is designed to handle the pressure of use by the cat, the female end of this Cord is usually adapted to an electric heating pad and the male end is used to replace a traditional Cord that is only long enough to go from the electric heating pad to the cat's room. This is a Replacement Cord for the Sunbeam v heating pad, it is furthermore a top-rated length for the model. This Cord effortless to handle and is designed to save you time and energy, this is a top-of-the-heap opportunity to purchase a new, used Sunbeam heating pad Replacement cord. This Cord is a sterling fit for your cat, it as well best-in-class for which presents a special mortality schedule. The Sunbeam heating pad Replacement Cord is long enough to tailor most cats, and it is in like manner short enough to tailor on a desk or other surface, this Cord is moreover unequaled for individuals who have an electric heating pad, such as the ones that come with your cat's food.